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Saturday afternoon Chair Series of Workshops: using a chair in yoga practice May 2023

The use of the chair as a prop in yoga was first explored by the B.K.S. Iyengar and has become popular in many different styles of yoga.

Using a chair is valuable in many different ways. As we learn to explore using the chair in asana, we learn to adapt poses so they are appropriate and beneficial. These workshops will be an exploration into the why, the when and the how to use a chair in your yoga practice.

May 6: Standing Pose focus

May 13: Forward bends/sitting pose focus

May 20: Backbend focus

May 27: Inversion and Restorative focus

All workshops: 3.30-5.30pm. In studio only.

Purchased Singly: $35/workshop

All 4 Workshops: $120

The chair:

  1. gives us access to poses which might be difficult or not accessible to us, allowing us to reap their benefits.

  2. gives us the flexibility to modify the poses according to our needs at any given time, such as levels of fitness/wellness and energy. We might perform the full poses when well for example, but can modify them with the chair when not so well so they can assist in our recovery and recuperation.

  3. is invaluable as we age, allowing us to continue practicing well after we would have had to stop if only practising the poses unassisted.

  4. Practising with the chair allows us to stay longer in poses to explore them. It gives us time to soak awareness into the bodily experience, collecting the attention, steadying the mind, and thereby calming it.


We hope you can join us in this exploration together.

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