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class descriptions


These classes focus on building a sound foundation to your yoga practice: introducing you to the core grounding poses and establishing clear technique.

In the process we will explore the concept of embodied awareness and how we become lost in distraction. We will learn how to refocus and 'structure' attention through this embodied awareness.

Yoga For Seniors

This class is for those experiencing age-related conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, general stiffness, balance issues.

It has a central focus on mobility: balancing strength and flexibility.

Level One

Builds on the foundation of our beginners syllabus and introduces a greater variety of poses. Shoulderstand and headstand are introduced where appropriate and preparations and alternatives are always given. Students are also introduced to the basics of pranayama (yogic breathing practices).

We will continue to explore and develop an embodied awareness or presence in our yoga practices exploring the integration of the intellectual mind and the direct felt experience of the body.


The practice of pranayama - yogic breathing techniques - is powerful and subtle. Through various techniques we learn to connect and become intimate with the breath, exploring it, revitalising our breathing.

Through focused attention on the breath we steady and ground awareness and uncover the breath's relationship with the nervous system, the mind and the heart.

This is an online class only.


Level Two

These classes are for more experienced students and build upon the foundations of Level One. It is assumed at this level that you have a solid foundation and have a regular home yoga practice. 

We will continue to explore the felt sense of embodied presence in practice and building momentum in continuity of embodied presence.

Before joining this class please speak to your teacher. If you are a new student to the school, please attend a beginners or Level One class and speak to the teacher of the class about joining  Level Two.

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