class descriptions

Gentle Beginners

Open to all. This beginners class is very suitable for pre and post-natal, the stiffer body and those just wanting a gentler class.

Beginners Classes

These foundational classes run on a cyclic 5 week period which can be joined at anytime.


Please visit the Beginners Page for more information.

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Level 1

Builds on the foundation of our beginners syllabus and introduces a greater variety of poses. Students are also introduced to the basics of pranayama (yogic breathing practices).

Experienced beginners and more advanced practitioners are welcome to attend.


A more experienced class - also open to more experienced level one students. This level is not suitable for beginners.

If you are already practising headstand or shoulder stand these poses are included, however if you are not, we offer alternatives and ask you to wait until you can attend classes again before attempting these poses.

Individual Needs

Sometimes a difficulty, an injury or chronic condition requires specific attention and individual ways of working which cannot be addressed in a general class. Students work closely with a teacher who will asses needs and taylor a specific program for each student. Bookings: Please contact the school.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is not a structured course in mindfulness meditation. This class offers a more in-depth exploration of the practice than the 20 minute practice groups offered freely by us on-line.

If you are new to mindfulness meditation please contact Jazz before attending -

Free guided Meditations online

 Free 20 minute guided meditations offered 3 times per week.

All are welcome to join.