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: : Mindfulness Meditation : :

Jazz will conduct an introductory meditation course as an optional part of our 6 week beginners courses.

Mindfulness meditation can have a profound effect on the body and the mind, increasing our ability to be less reactive and more responsive and present in our lives.

In this course we will explore the concepts of mindfulness and concentration, with the aim of establishing a simple daily meditation practice. We won’t be aiming to quiet or empty the mind, though this may happen. In fact thoughts are not a problem. The problem lies in the fact that we are often ‘lost in thought’ and spend large amounts of time in the imaginary world of thought: going over the past, imagining possible futures and rarely in the ‘here and now’. The practice of mindfulness as a life skill enables us to notice thoughts arising sooner rather than later, and instead of being lost in thought or reaction, we become aware of thought and reaction and over time learn to engage them more skillfully and consciously.

There will be 2 sessions each week, both covering the same content:

  • Tuesday morning 6:30 – 7:45 am &

  • Thursday evening 7:35 – 8:50 pm.

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