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Classes Offered at The Newtown Yoga Studio


Hatha Yoga: the practice of physical yoga poses

Beginners (H)

Level 1 (H)

Level 2 (H)

Seniors (H)

Led Practice (O)

Pranayama: the practices of yogic breathing. (O)

Meditation: including 3 weekly 20 minute guided practices offered free of charge. (O)



H = Hybrid classes, available both in-studio and online. Please check that you are booking into the correct class, either in-studio or online.

O = Online only

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newtown yoga studio teachers


Principal teacher and studio owner Jazz Eastman has been teaching for almost 3 decades and brings a wealth of practice and teaching experience to his classes.

Jazz’s first introduction to yoga was in in the early 70’s when he began twice weekly classes with the local yoga teacher in a small NSW country town. He started teaching his first regular classes to school mates leading up to the HSC a few years later. 

In 1979 he attended his first Iyengar yoga class, started teacher training in the early 90’s and became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 1996. He has been teaching since 1993. Later in 1990's he started practising meditation and a decade later became a dedicated practitioner of Buddhist Insight meditation.


As his practice and teaching have been profoundly transformed by mindfulness meditation,  Jazz  no longer teaches in an uniquely Iyengar style and has given up his certification. His teaching emphasises the practice of embodied presence, learning to connect with the experienced felt sense of the body in yoga practice as opposed to being caught up in our thoughts, desires and judgements about it.

Jazz also currently offers a meditation practice and discussion and three freely offered 20 minute guided meditations online. 

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Clare started practicing Iyengar yoga in 1995 at the Newtown Yoga Room with Jazz Eastman before becoming a certificated Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2006. Clare continues her professional development with senior teacher Alan Goode as well as attending Iyengar yoga conventions and has visited the Iyengar institute in Pune, India. 


Clare, while being a mother herself, has a Bachelor of Midwifery and practices as a registered midwife. She has a particularly keen interest in the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and early parenting.

Clare Marshall

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